Why did we fall in love with Lisbon

From the tiled buildings to the cobbled streets, everything is a serendipitous delight to the eye. The mosaics of black and white stone from the sidewalk, the colorful pattern of tiles on the walls, the old historic buildings: the entire city has a lot of History, evident in every corner.
Lisbon is one of the very few destinations in Europe and in the world where the weather is pleasant throughout the year. That is why the locals say the sun shines 290 days a year. The Mediterranean climate paired with a vibrant atmosphere and the pretty much laid-back Portuguese makes Lisbon unique and outstanding. Lisbon have the happiest people in Europe!

This natural amphitheater opening to one of the world’s greatest natural harbors on the Atlantic edge of Europe faces America with an unmatched scenic beauty and an authentic soul now lost in most great cities.

Lisbon is a hilly city, which adds a magical dimension to the beauty and charm of the Portuguese capital due to the extraordinary viewpoints it creates. From the top of the hills, you see the contrast of the red roofs and the colorful pastel tones houses just below them, mixed with the historic monuments, the yellow trams and the contemporary architecture. This ancient medieval village-like neighborhood and its connection to the Ocean through the blue Tagus river, create a serene atmosphere that inspires and seduces.

Lisbon is unique and represents well what you can expect from Portugal.

this the reason why we created Porto to Lisbon bike tour

We give you 10 reasons to choose Portugal as a bike destination here

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