10 reasons to choose Portugal as a bike tour destination

Doing a bike tour in Portugal is an unique experience. The country offers amazing conditions to be explored by bike.

The experiences you can make in this country are endless:

1. Traveling along the coast, enjoying the sea and the cliffs
2. Get to know natural parks and pine forests
3. Visit historic towns and remote and fishing-villages
4. A great diversity of landscapes within a short distance of each other, which makes it perfect if you want to see breathtaking views while riding a bike
5. From North to South the variety of cycling trails offers a wide diversity of experiences
6. A great selection of hotels; from manor houses, to organic farms and beach-front boutique hotels, the offer is great and very authentic
7. The Mediterranean climate, with significant influence of the ocean; this is the country with largest number of sunny days in Europe
8. Portugal’s cuisine is as rich and varied as its landscape. The most distinctive feature of Portuguese cuisine comes from the sea (a tip: try the grilled fish!)
9. The wine is also well known in Portugal, having two wine-producing regions protected by UNESCO as World Heritage: the Douro Valley Wine Region and Pico Island Wine. It also has a big variety of local kinds, producing a very wide variety of different wines with distinctive personality.
10. The friendly welcome of the Portuguese people. For centuries, Portugal has been keeping the greatest treasure of a renowned reputation as a haven of congeniality and safety.

Dare to combine bike trails with other nature activities, explore the national heritage and turn your cycling trip to Portugal into an experience to repeat.

Not yet conviced with this? We give you 6 more reasons here.

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