12 ways to improve your cycling experience

  1. Wear padded cycling shorts
    Better still padded bib shorts. This will help making your backside not hurting so much. Especially if you are going to make longer rides, the better way to make the saddle more comfortable is wearing padded shorts.
  2. Wear a helmet
    This is one tip that can save your life, and it’s not difficult nowadays to find one that is comfortable, light and affordable. The helmet absorbs the energy of an impact. Therefore, it should be level on your head when standing upright and tight enough so that is does not move while you are riding.
  3. Clipless pedals
    This can make a massive difference to your pedaling efficiency. You can make the binding loose enough to come away easily, so you’ll quickly learn how to unclip.Practice a little bit before going on a ride, and with time it will be as easy as riding a bike.
  4. We suggest you wear a short-sleeved t-shirt
    After a while pedaling, you will be warm and sweating. Nevertheless, always take a coat with you, you may need in case it gets colder or after your body has cooled down.
  5. Saddle
    Find the perfect type of saddle for you. You should try it and make it right for you because saddle comfort is very individualized.
  6. Wear sunglasses
    It will keep you protected from bugs, stones, sun and rain. Some are changeable lenses, so you can have them for bright conditions and for dull, wet days.
  7. Use the gears
    When climbing hills shift into a lighter gear so you can make it up the hill without putting undue stress on your knees.
  8. Always have water with you
    Drinking through the ride is essencial to keep yourself hydrated
  9. Take an energy bar with you
    Having food with you when cycling is essential.
  10. Periodically change hand position
    Grasp the handgrip for descents or high-speed riding. On long climbs, hold the top of the bar to sit upright and open your chest for easier breathing.
  11. Keep your arms in line with your body, not splayed elbows out
    This is an easy way to make yourself more aerodynamic and go faster with no extra energy. Keep your shoulders relaxed and use them to make small corrections in your balance.
  12. Stay in your comfort zone
    That means only going at a speed you feel you can handle.
    Rest before you get tired. Be sure to take long breaks during the day. You’re putting a lot of strain on your body, so it’s good to give it a break every now and then.

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